Easy start Aquaponics

The world’s simplest aquaponics guide.

You’ll be an expert in less than an hour!

With EasyStartAquaponics, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get your system up and running, TODAY
  • Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars
  • Become an expert in 30 -60 minutes
  • Buy everything you need for around $100
  • Build the entire system in an hour
  • Use everyday materials that are easy to work with
  • Put the fun back into growing food

After watching the videos, you will be able to easily put together your own aquaponics system with around an hour’s worth of effort.

This is not another boring, technical manual.  It’s a quick, easy guide to get you building your own system, TODAY.

Hi, my name is Jonathan White, the author of the internationally successful Food4Wealth.  My interest in aquaponics extends back to when I was a child, living with three aquariums set up in my bedroom, and another three in my brother’s.  We sure had a lot of fun keeping and breeding all kinds of fish.

But more recently, I have combined my love of aquariums with growing organic food.  The result is a unique aquaponics system that’s perfectly suited to the first-timer.

Why is it different?

This system is small and manageable.  Think of it as a perpetual, living salad-bar, giving you your daily dose of healthy, organic vegetables, every day of the year.

But what really makes it unique is its simplicity. Most aquaponics systems get too technical and kill the fun-factor.  My system shows you how to avoid complications in the first place, leaving more time to enjoy your harvest.

What will it cost?

Similar-sized systems, in kit form, cost around $1,500.  But with this system, you will build your own for around $100.  Most of the bits and pieces can be bought from variety stores and plant nurseries.  But there’s a good chance that you will already have a number of these materials, making the system even cheaper.

It’s a great way to get started in aquaponics because building your own system from scratch means that you will fully understand it.  But please don’t think that it will be difficult.  If you can drill a hole with an ordinary electric drill, then you have already mastered the most difficult part.

And looking after it is even easier.  Once it’s up and running, it looks after itself.  You don’t even have to water your plants, because they are always in contact with water.  And that’s probably the single greatest irony of aquaponics.  It uses around a tenth of the water than traditional gardening.

What you get

  • six instructional videos
  • eBook
  • materials checklist
  • step-by-step construction guide

The videos will gently guide you through the whole process from go to whoa.  Each video builds on the last, and by the end, you will be so filled with confidence that you’ll want to start building your system straight away.

There is absolutely no technical language.  Just plain English!  Simple instructions and clear videos that show you absolutely everything you need to know to start growing your own fresh organic food, RIGHT NOW.

Aquaponics has never been so easy.

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Gardening the easy way

Aquaponics is great for the elderly, people with disabilities, people who don’t have much time, or people who just like to do things the easy way.

You can set the system up so that it’s at a comfortable height to harvest the plants.  It’s great for people with lower-back problems, or people who find it difficult to kneel or bend-over.

With aquaponics, you can grow organic food, just about anywhere.  You don’t even need a backyard!  A sunny balcony or courtyard is ideal. You can even set one up indoors!

Fish – the heroes of aquaponics

You will be surprised at how easy it is to keep fish this way.  Aquaponics provides a much more natural environment that your fish will love.

If you’re a first-time fish owner, this is a much simpler way to keep them.  You won’t have to do water-changes or add chemicals.  The plants serve the fish by cleaning their water.  And of course, the fish serve the plants by providing them with rich, organic nutrients.  And the continual flowing motion of the system is similar to a natural river environment.

As a result, your fish will thrive!  You will spend hours admiring them, as the gentle flowing sound of your aquaponics system lulls you into a peaceful state.

And whether you want to eat your fish, or just enjoy them as pets – it doesn’t matter.  Beautiful ornamental fish or edible fish will both work in this system.


Aquaponics is interesting!

Aquaponics is fascinating.  It’s so much more than just a way of growing food.  It’s totally memorizing to watch the constant flow of water, as it enriches the roots of the plants, before returning to the fish.

It really gets you pondering about the simplicity of nature, and the flow of life.  You will be able to see, before your very eyes, a mini-universe, as one natural element nurtures the other.  It’s a great lesson for all people, as we learn to use the power of nature to become more self-reliant.

Buy NowBUY NOW – $17

Any questions? Please contact: jonathan@food4wealth.com